Monday, November 18, 2013

Back on the wagon!

The dating wagon that is. 

I promised myself that after I'd gotten a stable and promising job (and I felt balanced within myself) I would begin to date again. And as I've been speaking to a lot of my friends lately I've felt very encouraged to get back out there again. The mistake of the past few weeks was just that - a mistake. We all make them. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. All we can do is learn from them and move on. Some learn faster than others. I'm over it and ready to start anew but this time I plan on taking things very slowly and not rush into things. My mistake a few weeks ago was trusting someone because they weren't a stranger. Turns out strangers aren't the only ones who keep candy. 

Funny thing is, I'm actually not looking for a relationship or a casual fling. I guess I'm just looking for some companionship (Jesus, that makes me sound so old..) I just want someone to hold my hand once in a while or give me a hug or put their arms around me on the couch. Someone to warm me on a cold night. 

The difficult part is of course weeding out the good apples from the bad. I'd like to think I'm a good judge of character but once you're in deep it can be hard to see beyond your own wants and wishes. 

So here goes nothing and I'm out there for all to see. Luckily there a "block" button for the creepy ones and the like. 
Oh, there's a message now. Better go check my inbox. Wish me luck. 


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