Friday, August 23, 2013

A will you say?

So, I know this sounds terribly morbid but because of all my depressive thoughts lately I've decided to write a will. This is just to make sure my animals are cared for in the case I were to die. I started thinking about it after the recent suicides in the media and I didn't want my loved ones stuck with the burden of caring for my dogs if they weren't able too. I therefore contacted two of my closest friends. One lives here and the other, my best friend, lives in Washington and asked them if they would be willing to adopt them in case I ever died before my dogs. They were both concerned by my question (understandably) but they were both more than willing to take a dog each. Now, you're probably thinking I've got some grand plan to off myself. No. I just need reassurance that my dogs will be taken care of should I ever feel so low, like I have many times before, that I might have suicidal thoughts. I'm not saying I would do anything to harm myself but the thought that I wouldn't leave them without anyone to care for them is very reassuring to me.

Obviously, as one can tell, this isn't the normal thoughts that run though one's brain on a daily basis but in my Bipolar brain it is. At least it has been lately. That's why I needed to get the matter sorted and get some peace. My dogs love my friends and they love them so I know everything would be okay in the end. And for those of you thinking suicide is a selfish act. Depression is a very lonely thing and unless you've been through it, please don't judge me.

Thank you for reading. Will post again soon.

- <3

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