Friday, October 18, 2013

My luck has turned for the better <3

Last time I posted, I wrote about being in a really good mood and having tons of energy. For those tuned into bipolar symptoms by now, I was having a hypomanic episode. It felt really good at the time so I didn't think much of it. I did crash a little afterwards but it was just a few hours extra sleep that I needed to re-energize so it was no big deal.

A big deal though is that I've finally gotten a non-HR related job! Thank the Lord. It's in the energy sector so plenty of opportunity for career progression since I'm starting at the bottom with an entry level position. I'm absolutely psyched. Definitely feel like a new leaf has been turned. I just couldn't deal with all the drama and politics that I faced working in HR. It's so draining. And I'm just talking about my co-workers!

Something odd happened though. I got hit on by someone high up in the food chain at my new company. Don't really know how to feel about it. If he wasn't who he is, I know what I would do but seeing as I'm former HR and know how wrong these things can go - everything (and everyone) is telling me to stay clear. I'm flattered because this is a McDreamy. I kid you not. Stuff like this just doesn't happen to me so I'm still stupefied by the whole thing but I'll get over it. 
Keep calm and get to work. Right?

- P <3

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