Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Why, oh, why are people such power hungry assholes? Seriously, I want to know. The sweet colleague at my new workplace has turned into a devil in-something-that-doesn't-even-resemble Prada (and she's not even my boss!) We have the same job title yet she treats me like her secretary. And I can't say shit because I'm just a temp. That's right folks. No matter what they tell you or what the regulations say: we're still not worth a damn. Well, damn.. 

And because I have to drive for two hours to work everyday, half my salary goes to gas. So not worth it. Every time I think my luck has changed, I get reminded that it's me we're talking about and that apparently I don't seem to be worth much in other people's eyes. If I did half the things my colleague did, I'd get fired ASAP but she gets away with it. Story of my life. I need my bed and cuddles from the pups. Tomorrow is another crap day. Please wish me luck. 

-P <3

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