Sunday, September 22, 2013

Have you taken your pill today?

I often get asked this question by my mom whenever she thinks I'm being snippy, weird, distant or hyper. Yesterday she accused me of having a "lost" look in my eyes and seemingly not being all "there." Well, unless "there" is on Mars, I can assure you I was present. I've been very tired lately and my new job is an hour's drive from home so I'm quite tired when I get home. I then have to walk both dogs before getting to remove my makeup and sitting down so understandably that takes a toll, right? Apparently not, according to my mom. She thinks I've been neglecting my meds. The thing I hate the most is when she asks me that dreaded question. I frankly find it offensive because she'll throw it at me  if I'm having a bad day as well. And she doesn't understand when I say I think it's offensive. If a boyfriend ever asked me that he wouldn't be my boyfriend for long, I'll tell you that...

I've also been on this diet for a few weeks now and been pretty good but this weekend I just had this massive craving. Think I'm getting my period soon. Not that my sweet tooth minded one bit. I had Mickey D's and my order got screwed up so I ended up with two large milkshakes. Oops. What a shame... Then I had a toffee coffee shake today along with a blueberry muffin and some candy and a coke - not at the same time!
Was contemplating a diet coke but they're even worse than the regular one's and why make things worse, right? Glad you agree ;) 
But Monday's back to dieting again. I just needed a break this weekend. Think my body was telling me something; Probably that a milkshake beats a diet shake anyday. 

- P <3


  1. Hi. I understand what you say you feel. Glad u had help and support. Stay strong. Check out my blog.

  2. Hi :)
    Thank you for your comment.
    I hope you have someone to help you as well.
    I'll definitely check out your blog :)
    Stay strong <3